Since after Friday I won’t have much access to a computer for typing on for a month, it’s unlikely there will be anymore posts until February, unless I can squeeze one in by the end of the week, which I probably won’t. So here’s a quick status update on all the games I’ve playing as the Currently playing list has grown exponentially.

Grand Theft Auto IV; Chugging through this slowly, I’ll probably finish it, but I’m not sure I’ll write a post on it due to how enormous of a game it is.
Comet Crash; Playing off and on. I doubt I’ll finish it, though I may write up a post on it.
Flower; Only played for a couple minutes so far, I doubt I’ll get around to completing it any time soon.
PixelJunk Shooter; Played in co-op mostly, really fun game. I plan to write a post on this.
Assassin’s Creed II; I’ve beaten the game, and there is a post on it half done, just haven’t felt the inspiration to finish it.
Demon’s Souls; Christ this game is hard. Played a bit of it for an hour or so, only to be booted all the way back to the beginning with no souls. Talk about learning from your mistakes. I do plan to write a post on this.
Saint’s Row 2; Actually, my first inclination was to sell this and put the profits towards one of the spring ’10 releases (as I have no interest in the game), but even if i put up for sale, i wouldnt be able to charge more than $10-15, so heck I guess I’ll just keep it. Not sure if I’ll do a post though.
Dead Space; Played this from start to finish last week, it’s a great game. Though I doubt I’ll have time to, I’d like to play through again and go for the One Gun trophy.
inFamous; I’ve really been meaning to finish the evil campaign on this (mainly for the trophies), but that’s about it.
Bioshock; I meant to write a post about this a month ago, but then I got pre-occupied with Assassin’s Creed II and Borderlands. I’m honestly not sure if I’m gonna finish it, though I want to.
Dragon Age: Origins; This is what’s been consuming most of my life lately. When I’m not eating, sleeping, or with friends, I’m playing this. I want to write a post on it, but if I did, it would inevitably be HUGE. So maybe I won’t.
Left 4 Dead; Been playing a bit of this here and there (caught it for $7 on Steam’s Black Friday), it’s a really fun game. Though I can’t say I have much interest in L4D2. Prolly won’t be a post on this one, but who knows.
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic; Another game I bought from Steam on Black Friday. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to run. >=/ Not a big deal since it was only $2, but I heard this game was awesome, so I am disappointed that it doesn’t work with Windows 7 (yet).
So, that’s most of what’s up with me. My sis wants to buy Army of Two: The 40th Day, so I might have a post on that as well.

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