Haven’t had the time nor energy for a game post (or really, games in general) in some time, because I got a job.  Also have some school work to finish up, so that’s been preoccupying me too, and I’m trying to get some cleaning done…

Here’s what I’ve been playing.

Pokemon Heartgold; For the past couple months I’ve been very conflicted about my feelings regarding Pokemon.  Something clicked when I was playing Diamond, and suddenly nothing I did in the game seemed to matter anymore.  I think it may be time I bowed out of the series, at least took a break from it.  But then HeartGold came out, which is a remake of my favorite entry in the series.  So I bought HeartGold, and I’ve been enjoying it, but I think this will be my last Pokemon game.  I don’t know if I’m going to write a post on it.

Final Fantasy XIII; I really like this game, but I was approaching the end of the game when I got my job, and now I don’t have time to finish it.  I’m on Chapter 13, just doing some sidequests and exploring down on Pulse to put the finishing touches on my Crystarium, but as much as I enjoy the game, I’d really like to move on!

The Sims 2;  I was playing a LOT of this a few weeks ago, but then I stopped, and don’t see myself picking it up again..

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International; It’s been a few months since I played this game intensively, and I still haven’t finished it.  I’m on En II now, just entered the Sacred Garden to try take out the invading Grigori.  The enemies got a pretty significant bump in difficulty here, so I’m doing some grinding to catch up.

Dragon Age: Origins;  I picked this up again after several months of inactivity, only to end up putting it down again.  I finished recruiting the Dwarves..the only faction left is the mages.

inFamous; I finally, FINALLY Platinumed this game, finding those last few Blast Shards and maxing out my evil powers.  Now I’m done with it.

Phoenix Wright; Gamefly sent my Trials and Tribulations instead of Justice for All, which wasn’t so bad until I started the second case and ran smack into Pearl.  I’ll take this in chronological order, or not at all, thanks.

Red Dead Redemption; Post on this coming eventually..I beat the game, it was great.  I also enjoy the multiplayer.

Modnation Racers; I was actually getting ready to write a post on this a week or so ago.  Should be relatively straightforward, but it’s a fun game.  Not as good of a kart racer as Mario Kart though, regrettably.

Wipeout HD; This is one of those games where you’ve gotta just keep charging in relentlessly, or else you lose your edge and get rusty really quickly.  With practice, it’s a fun and rewarding game, but very challenging.  I do wish it had a little more depth in some areas, but I guess that’s a matter of taste.  The people who really enjoy what Wipeout HD does best won’t care about whatever it may lack.

Demon’s Souls; Don’t expect a post on this anytime soon.  >.>  There’s a hoard of untouched trophies in that game, but like Wipeout HD it’s not a game you can play just whenever you can.  I just don’t have the time to really get into it.

Haven’t seen any anime or manga in quite some time too.  I’ve been keeping up with Fairy Tail, but that’s it.

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