Games I’m Looking Forward to #1

So, I just kinda felt like writing this.  There’s a lot of games coming this year that I have to say, look really promising.

Playstation 3:

-Quantum Theory:  If this game is anything like Gears of War 2, I’ll be happy to buy it.  Tecmo’s been very quiet about it since they first announced it though.

-Tales of Vesperia:  I suppose I shouldn’t jump the gun in assuming the Ps3 port will make it stateside, but I sure hope so.  The Ps3 version will have more content, including new mystic artes, more cutscenes, and even a new character.

-White Knight Chronicles: I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this being an awesome game.  It’ll have online coop, which is interesting for an RPG, so I’ve been keeping a close eye on it.

-Final Fantasy Versus XIII:  Like they always tend to be, Square-Enix is being very tight lipped about their new Final Fantasy games, and Versus is an excellent example of this.  Since they announced it, there has been only the occasional teaser.  Very little about the game is known, but it will supposedly feature a battle system based off the ones present in Kingdom Hearts 2 and Final Fantasy Dissidia, which both have exciting battles.  That’s more than enough info to already have my interested in buying.

-Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time:  The Ratchet and Clank series has been surprisingly plot based as of late.  This new game will probably further expand on information about the Lombax’s, especially Ratchet’s father.  Dr. Nefarious will return, and I’m guessing his new motive is to manipulate time.

-Dead Rising 2:  I haven’t played the original Dead Rising, but it seemed like a fun concept.  This one can only be better, right?

-Fat Princess:  Its a hilarious concept-  Your princess has been captured, and its up to you take her back!  But to complicate things, her captors have force fed her a lot of sweets and yummy things, turning her into a rather obese princess, making it more difficult to carry her back to base.  This is essentially Capture the Flag, but with a unique twist.  It’s sporting a cute and bright (yet delightly gory and bloody) graphic style.

-Uncharted 2: Among Thieves:  I enjoyed the first one, and this sequel looks like it’ll be oh so much better.  I certainly can’t wait to play it.

-Assassin’s Creed 2:  I haven’t played the first one, but it seemed like a cool idea, and I hope they expand on it in this sequel.

-Fuel:  The possibilities for this game are interesting.  Its an open-ended offroad racing game set in a huge back country area.  The developers claim the game world will be over 5,000 square miles in size, and there will be absolutely no loading times.  That sounds lovely.

-Army of Two: The 40th Day:  I love a good co-op game, and it looks like this will expand on the already good co-op offered by the original Army of Two, so you can certainly count me in.

-End of Eternity:  I like tri-Ace, so I’m generally interested in the games they have in development.  End of Eternity is one such game.


-Tales of Graces: What can I say?  I love the Tales series.

-Red Steel 2:  Not much being said about this one, but it is supposedly in development, and will likely use the Motion+ accessory.  Maybe with that we’ll finally get that awesome sword dueling action that immediately came to mind when we first heard of Red Steel?

-[Hopeful] Kirby:  Surely another Kirby game will be made at some point or another?  I loved Kirby 64, and since then his excursions have been exclusive to the GBA and DS.  Have another go at a 3D Kirby platformer, Nintendo!

-[Hopeful] Starfox: Hardly any mention at all on this, but I sure would love to see another Starfox game.  I can see a lot of possible ways to expand on Assault and/or 64, such as maybe a strategy element?  Maybe the ability to customize your Arwing or Landmaster?  The branching paths in 64 was nice, I hope that returns.

-[Hopeful] Another Zelda game: As of late, Zelda has been a victim of Nintendo’s new casual approach to videogames, with the series having temporarily migrated to the DS.  That’s fine, I guess, but it shouldn’t mean that the console series should have to grind to a halt.

-Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles:  I always like a good shoot ’em up.

Nintendo DS:

-Kingdom Hearts: 352/8 Days:  I saw this game in action, and it looks surprisingly good.  The graphics are rather well done for a DS game, and this will have co-op multiplayer, which is awesome.


-Guild Wars 2:  I have no idea when this will be released, but I like Guild Wars, so I’m naturally interested in its oncoming sequel.

-Starcraft 2:  I heard this will split into 3 parts.  Meh, whatever.  Right now I think the Terran disc interests me most.

-Diablo 3: I havent actually played any of the Diablo games, but they seem like they’d be right up my ally, so I think I will check out Diablo 3 when it comes out.

Those are all that come to mind.

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